Oct 6, 2017

What is SCAMPER Technique ?

Generating new ideas is not easy. Fortunately, a technique known as SCAMPER can be invaluable. Select a small team of between three and six people to assist you with your search for new ideas. Choose people from different disciplines and levels within the organisation.

Using the SCAMPER search for new ideas, ask whether we can:

  1.  Substitute: existing components, machines or human resources to improve the product.
  2. Combine:one or more of the products functions. Reconfigure how we use the human and material resources to improve how people see the product and its uses.
  3. Adapt: the product for use in a different context
  4. Modify: the size, shape, feel, texture, smell or functionality of the product. Which existing features could be enhanced to create more value in the product and make it more attractive to customers?
  5. Find another use for the product: You only have to think about the multiple uses that simple everyday objects, such as a brick or paperclip, can be put to realise that we seldom exploit all the uses of even common products.
  6. Eliminate any elements: of the product, process or change and simplify it without adversely affecting its effectiveness or appeal to customers. For example, mobile-phone manufacturers now realise that there is a market for chunky phones with big buttons and limited functionality for the older consumer.
  7. Reverse: or invert long-held ideas about how the product is made or marketed.


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